This directory includes a few odds and ends:

Jeopardy Data

  • jc1.txt is a dataset of Jeopardy Contestants crawled from and posted on Reddit.
  • jq2.txt is a dataset Jeopardy Questions also crawled from

California/Nevada Precipitation Data

  • is a Python script to crawl data from the NOAA Website for the California-Nevada River Forecast Center, e.g. pages like If you run it, it will create a subdirectory called output and store each year’s data there.
  • monthly_precip_full.csv is the concatenation of the outputs of
  • is a Trifacta flow export file. It contains all the recipes to take the monthly_precip_full.csv file and generate the remaining files: mm.txt, mmp.txt, mmr.txt and mpf.txt. This is not a human-readable format—to make use of it, you need to go to Flows->Import Flow in Trifacta as described here.
  • mm.txt is a pivot table (matrix) of Year x Month.
  • mmp.txt is a pivot table of (Year,ID,Location,Station) x Month
  • mmr.txt is a un-pivoted (relational) version of mpf.txt
  • mpf.txt is a cleaned-up version of monthly_precip_full.csv with all the display junk from the web stripped out and the relevant fields replicated into each row.